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How it works

Instead of implementing form processing, submit any forms on your site to ActionEquals and get instant access to your dashboard to view submitted data as well as searching, sorting and analysis.

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Get an API Key for a 30 day Free Trial. No credit card requested.

Add Attributes to Form Elements (HTML)

Name input, select, and textarea elements with a Capital letter to make the data submitted in these fields searchable or sortable. Very simple.

Configure Form Submission

Specify the action attribute on the form. action=''

Access Form Submissions

Your dashboard will let you select any of your forms and view the submissions in table format which you can filter, search, sort, and export. You can also retrieve submitted forms using the REST API.


Superior Features Set

Other Forms services have serious and inconvenient limitations which make them unsuitable for use in many cases. They are also cost prohibitive. ActionEquals provides the essential features you need while forgetting the "features" that tie your hands and lock you in, all while being compelling from a cost perspective.

No Downloads or Plugins

There is nothing to install. No npm packages. No modules. No dependencies. No php, js, css, etc. files from us at all. No IFrames. We don't generate code you must use. Nothing.

Your Design, Not Ours

We offer you no weird and clumsy "form designers" to lock you into using ActionEquals. Design your forms exactly as you want them to look without compromise. Design many different forms in your application-- contact, surveys, login, etc. Even Admin forms. Forms with image and file uploads. It's your HTML. Your CSS. Your graphics.

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard lets you easily view, search, sort, export, and download submitted form data for custom analysis for each set of submissions from the same <form>.

Real Time Data Access

Your site can use our API to retrieve previously submitted forms. This makes it possible to implement a login form using ActionEquals, for example. ActionEquals API supports Conditional Logic so you can retrieve form data and take action based on the values previously submitted.

No Lock-in

At any time, you can replace the action= on your form tag to switch to your own server-side form processing handler. This is because we are only storing and helping you to retrieve the submitted data. We are not offering you forms designers and input controls that limit possibilities and make your application dependent on or tightly coupled to yet another external service vendor.

Free to Try

Without nagging or spam or a credit card. We will send you your API KEY and a very easy to understand document showing exactly how to make your forms work with ActionEquals. Your 30-day trial won't even begin until the first form is submitted. By the end of the trial, you'll know that ActionEquals was the Forms-as-a-Service provider you were looking for. Check out the low prices below for continued use.

Our Pricing

Pick the best plan for you.

Even though ActionEquals is a superior service, we carefully reviewed the marketplace for possible competitors and set our prices to be a small fraction of theirs. Others nickle and dime you based on storage or number of forms. All our paid plans are currently unlimited and unmetered.



Advanced Features 30-day trial.

  • 1,000 Form Submissions
  • Dashboard Access
  • Easy CAPTCHA solution
  • Turn-key user registration and login
  • Real Time API
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Per month


  • Unlimited Forms
  • Dashboard Access
  • Easy CAPTCHA solution
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Per month


  • Unlimited Forms
  • Dashboard Access
  • Easy CAPTCHA solution
  • Turn-key user registration and login
  • Real Time API
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Billed Once.

  • Deep, Custom Db Integration
  • Self-Hosted Service API
  • Custom Help and Programming
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The easiest to use on Earth.

Turn-Key Login and Registration

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Questions and Answers.

Which kinds of controls can I use on my forms?

The text, numeric, date, email, and password values submitted from any HTML Form will be stored by ActionEquals.

Our application has multiple kinds of forms. How do we view this data?

When you login to the Dashboard, you'll see a menu of the different form types by their name attribute. By selecting a form, you'll see an interactive grid containing all the submissions.

Which features are not included in the free trial?

All features are supported. For example, you can easily add CAPTCHA challenges to your forms. You can browse through the submitted data, sort, export to xls. The free trial also lets you get up and running quickly using turn-key Login and Signup solutions.

Do you host the forms themselves? Where is the Form Builder?

No. ActionEquals, as its name implies, provides the action='..' functionality to enable the data submitted to be stored in a database and easily retrieved by you when you login to the Dashboard. We do not host your HTML. There is no Form Builder. The forms remain on your existing website.

How is the form data stored? How do you support searching and sorting?

Every form submission is timestamped, so you don't need an extra element for that.

ActionEquals uses the value of the name attribute to distinguish this form from any others in your application. For special behaviors like enforcement of unique value fields, CAPTCHA, forward and error urls, and correlating multiple forms, you add hidden input elements as described in the documentation.

If the name attribute of an input, textarea, or select element is Capitalized, the data goes into its own field, otherwise it gets stored in a collection.

Does ActionEquals properly store non-Latin characters and symbols in submitted form answers?


I have several sites. Can I aggregate form submissions from these different sites?

Yes. Use the same API Key and form name. The page the users are forwarded to after the form is submitted can be different for each site.

Google's reCaptcha expects me to do at least 5 things to integrate it. Is ActionEquals CAPTCHA like that?

No. Just add one line of script to your page and you're done.

Try ActionEquals free for 30 days without risk or commitment.